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Discover Loose Diamonds and Round Cut Engagement Rings in Atlanta

Even with as many diamonds as there are in the world, there are no two diamonds alike. Loose diamonds all have different color and clarity in addition to their cut. Diamonds can be made into specific shapes like Round, Emerald, Pear, Princess, and Marquise just to name a few. These shapes allow the loose diamond to dazzle and sparkle for all who see it. These different diamond shapes help them appeal to each owner's personal preferences. A person may choose multiple shapes for different jewelry pieces. Each shape can hold special meaning to each owner.

How many future brides would you say dream of having a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring? This cut is in fact the most popular and most researched diamond shape available. It is truly breathtaking. Even if a round cut engagement ring is the most popular shape, many brides enjoy designing a wedding band to hold the loose diamonds they choose, making their ring unique from all others. There are also many brides who choose a unique shape like Cushion, Radiant or Asscher for their engagement ring. Each ring is one of a kind, just like every bride. What is a better symbol for love than a diamond ring? The diamond and the ring symbolize the eternal, never-ending nature of love.